Seuil – Late Call



Hello018 / 12″

The next EP on Germany’s Hello? Repeat imprint comes from Seuil, one of Paris’s most inspired underground producers. In terms of style, it’s a match that could hardly be more perfect. Hello? Repeat has spent the past six years carving a niche for itself with EPs from Cabanne, Audio Werner and label co-founder Daze Maxim, plus acclaimed albums by Bruno Pronsato and Kate Simko. Seuil, meanwhile, has put out a steady stream of ultra-deep 12-inches on labels like Freak n’ Chic and Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch. Both specialize in a sound that’s modern, understated and hypnotic. Late Call is exactly what its name suggests: a record made for the deepest, most tender portion of the night. The drums are slick and punchy, but the rest is woozy and romantic–this is one to put on when the crowd has stopped chatting and everyone’s dancing with their eyes closed. Topping it off is a vocal line made famous by Diana Ross but recited here by an androgynous diva: If you need me, call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far… Dark, trippy and weirdly moving, this is one of Seuil’s finest tracks yet. “Slow Motion” strikes a similar chord but with a more subtle approach. Here you notice Seuil’s rare touch for subtlety: in the absence of any real “hook”, he keeps the track moving with expertly sculpted drums, a warm half-melody and a gently propulsive beat. Soft chords sustain in the background to create a balmy summer night feel. Both tracks show Seuil and Hello? Repeat doing what they do best: delivering something deep, functional and full of character.