Audio Werner


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I am sure very little introduction is needed when one hears the name ‘Audio Werner’. With a history of house which spans over 2 decades easily, Andreas Werner has been a great contribution to underground electronic music not only as a producer and live performer but as a Dj. Having created the label ‘Hartchef Discos’ with friends in 2004 he subsequently has produced many as unique as timeless releases. Since “Zwrtshak Drive” hit the clubs, Audio Werner started getting many requests to play DJ- and Livesets, many of them in Berlin. It was not long after that he made the decision of moving there for good where he still resides today.

Many say that a person’s music is a reflection of their personality – I would say in Andreas´case this is even more so. If I was asked to define his music in a few words they would be playful funkyness combined with moody complexity. When I think of him as a character I can totally match those adjectives: He is an extremely musical person always keeping in mind that music and party is about having a good time and not about carrying on some narrow-minded super serious business. No wonder this childish/playful side comes out on the music, as well as the harmonies and the amazing pianos (as per his latest Minibar release Rushograph EP).

During the past year he has been concentrating on his new live set which he performed for the first time at ‘Get Perlonized’ at Panorama Bar in November 2012 proving to be a huge success.