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Seuil is that kind of mysterious artist, ones know he’s talented, great DJ, authentic producer, but remained underestimated for a while within the international deep house landscape. And all of this inspite of some high level releases on Minibar, Moon Harbour, Lessizmore or the late lamented Dan Ghenacia’s Freak N Chic that sadly closed down a few months ago. But the release of his first album « Chamaeleonidae », last year, seemed to finally give to his productions a first sign of recognition. While the trend is obviously to release deep house as boring and consensual as possible, getting more and more unvaried and dully, Seuil (and his stooges) finally brings a breath of fresh air to this scene, using nice and complex drums, percussions, ambiances and melodies thoroughly composed and handled.

This sphere he created and made concrete, not only he transmits it through his records, but also on his label Eklo: its latest release (Prostitute) in collaboration with dOP was a huge success, and finally gave to this young label a strong and stable position. By the way, you should know Seuil recently started a new project with his buddy Le Loup , a brand new label called Hold Youth, only based on vinyl releases and a wide range of musical genres, from disco to house, and even hip-hop. We’ll certainly know a bit more about it in the forthcoming months.

Concerning his solo projects, a new EP will be out very soon on Circus Company and another one on Ultrastrech (Sammy Dee’s new label), there’s also a remix for the next Lee Foss coming on Culprit and a couple of other records are announced later this year on Supplements Facts and Hello Repeat. A quite filled agenda, considering he is also currently working on his new album even if nothing has been officially announced so far.

Between two studio sessions, he always managed to find some time to deliver huge mixes, seductive and captivating. If you still don’t know Seuil, it’s time for you to get to know him.