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Others is the project name of Bruno Pronsato and Daze Maxim.

As yawn-inducing as the notion of “horn house” may sound at this point, one recent release on Musique Risquée puts brass to use in a way that’s rather novel. Under the moniker Others, Bruno Pronsato and Daze Maxim blur the line between organic and electronic sounds even more than usual, layering horns over trippy post-house vibes in a 23-minute jam session. Simply called “Take 1/Take 2,” this long and exotic ordeal sounds more like a “piece” than a track, and shows these two talented producers at the top of their game.

“Take / Take 2″ derives its character from a careful balance of innovation and convention. As a trained jazz musician, Daze conjures atonal drones on sax and trumpet that give the piece a lofty, avant-garde flavor, while Bruno lays down some upbeat and funky drums. The standard house rhythm makes for easy mixing, and heavy bass kicks give this one more dance floor potential than many of Bruno’s solo tracks. About ten minutes in, the piece is halved by lengthy and dissonant breakdown, making it both stranger and more clubbable (unfortunately, due to the song’s length, this breakdown serves as the flip-over point on the vinyl release). The production value is just as exceptional as one should expect from these two, with incredibly vivid textures and an eccentric vibe complimenting the thumping groove. Upon its release in November, “Take 1/Take 2″ slipped under the radar relatively unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of 2008′s better releases.

Hello?Repeat’s 20th release comes from act that couldn’t be closer to the label, but at the same time has never appeared on it: Others. The duo consists of Daze Maxim, Hello? Repeat’s co-founder next to Jan Krueger, and Bruno Pronsato, the acclaimed “romantic techno” artist behind the label’s first album, 2007’s Why Can’t We Be Like Us (plus numerous records since then on DFA, Telegraph and his own imprint, thesongsays). Each artist veers toward weirdness on his own-consider Daze’s early 12-inch Intimacy Girl, released as Heartz4, or Bruno’s 40-minute epic The Make Up The Break Up-but together they take it to another level. Their only record so far is Take 1/ Take 2, an extended left-field house jam that pairs a floppy beat with the sound of Daze droning away on trumpet. Dope Me / Does Caroline Know? is a slightly clubbier affair-less Sun Ra and more Soul Capsule-but still possesses the air of strangeness that makes the duo so unique. Each artist leaves his mark within the first few measure of “Dope Me.” The steady high-hats and flawless kick drum are straight out of Daze’s playbook, while the nervous piano and 3 Chairs-style claps are unmistakably Bruno. As for the slurred vocal pleading “Dope me… dope me…”, that’s anyone’s guess. The track carries on for a solid nine minutes as half-melodies and quasi-hooks slide in and out of the mix. The B-side, “Does Caroline Know?”, takes us deeper and darker. The drums are plodding, the mood is ominous, and a series of dreamlike flourishes add to an already eerie groove. Like the A-side, it’s a surrealistic style of house that only these two could deliver. The artwork, as usual, is done by Daze Maxim.