Daze Maxim – Rising / Falling


Hello026 / LP / CD

Rising/Falling marks multi faceted artist Daze Maxim aka Markus Manowski’s second full length LP since 2000′s Same Place The Bot Got Smashed.

The album’s title refers to the breathing exercises of meditation; something that by chance Daze begun at the same time as the LP’s conception. This additional balance and clarity allowed the album to develop harmoniously, and paved the way for completion. There is also a nod to reflexivity as although this discipline provided necessary solace, it also demanded greater engagement.

The overall aesthetic is unquestionably true to the minimal framework Daze has meticulously crafted over the past 15 years. A playground of intermittent tempo and hybrid organic electronica, harmony builds whilst dissonance prevails. There is maturity and guts in the selection and delivery of each part’s piece in the puzzle, and a true viral beauty as it gains momentum.